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Produces shows and presents artists around the world including Meryl Tankard, Tubular Bells for Two, Josh Kyle, Merry Frolics of Méliès  & Wordless .
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Image Regis Lansac from Possessed Image by Jamie Williams
places + spaces provides performance and other opportunities for artists and places for audiences to enjoy and engage with the arts. 
Our creative development residency and performance program is known as Cockatoo Calling

* Excellence
* Accessibility
* Inspiring experiences

* the development of Australian/New Zealand performing arts through presentation,  promotion and education
* providing an infrastructure for performers that enables them to grow artistically and commercially;
* the growth of performance opportunities for Australian and New Zealand performers;
* the development and nurturing of new and returning audiences to support live performances;
* growing distribution opportunities of original music/live performance through all mediums;
* the pre
sentation of Festivals, seasons & shows which supports the above principals.

In our places + spaces series we have featured artists such as Taikoz, Topology & Karak, The Necks, Linsey Pollak, Mark Isaacs Resurgence Band, Judy Bailey's big band, Trichotomy , the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra, Froy Aagre, Lah Lah's Big Live band,The Necks, Kristin Berardi Band, James Muller, Band of 5 Names, Elana Stone, Alister Spence, the Alcohotlicks, Citizens of Earth, The Crusty Suitcase Band and more. 

My Goodness McGuiness Melies moon

If you would like more information please phone/email + 61 (0)414-973095/jkee(at)
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